Dear Colleagues, Shalom and Hello,

My colleagues in Israel and I are honored to invite you to attend the 2019 Eilat International Conference on Loss, Bereavement and Human Resilience in Israel and the World: Facts, Insights and Implications. The official languages of the conference are Hebrew and English and participants may choose either language option for participation and presentations. Both language tracks will run throughout the conference regular sessions.


We are fortunate to have a number of outstanding colleagues delivering keynote presentations in English.


Please note that we are hosting a special day and a half pre-conference workshop beginning the morning of January 14th to be offered by Dr. John R. Jordan at a reduced rate for participants registering for the full conference.


The venue of the conference in sunny Eilat at the Southern tip of Israel is a well-known winter tourist destination for European and Israeli visitors. Our conference organizers at Target are preparing attractive tour options in Israel that will maximize the options for visiting the major sights of Israel. So take advantage of the early-bird registration rate and prepare to join us in Eilat.


This conference is the product of a joint Bereavement Forum chaired by the University of Haifa's International Center for Loss, Bereavement and Human Resilience and bringing together leaders in Israeli society's response to loss and bereavement. The conference committees include leaders in this field from the academic and clinical arenas, key personnel in government and non-governmental agencies, and persons representing lay and professional leadership. In addition to the University of Haifa and our own center's involvement, the Ministry of Social Welfare, the Ministry of Defense's Bereaved Families and Memorialization division, the Israel Defense Forces, the Health Ministry, the National Insurance Institute of Israel (Bituach Leumi), Or Yehuda academic College, ELAH–Center for Coping with Loss, the Yad Lebanim Organization representing bereaved parents and families from the uniformed services, the Organization for Widows and Orphans of the Israel Defense Forces, the Israel Trauma Coalition, the University of Haifa's Multi-disciplinary Clinical Center have also been active in supporting the conference. We can truly say that our  conferences in Eilat are the fruits of a unique partnership devoted to furthering the appreciation of the challenges and opportunities faced by bereaved individuals, communities, and Israel's multiethnic multicultural society.

The conference is designed to offer two groups of people with interest in bereavement and human resilience a conference suited to them. On the one hand, professionals representing an array of fields will feel at home both sharing and learning from others. Mental health professionals and clinicians involved in service delivery, faculty and students from the academic and research aspects of the field, healthcare personnel and policy makers, persons involved in service delivery and policy development from social services, the  military and police, will find much of interest. On the other hand, additional persons with an interest in the field, including persons who have experienced bereavement and want to learn and contribute, will find much to interest them here as well. Some of the events planned will be aimed at one or the other of the groups, while much of what is presented will be suitable for persons seeking to learn and to influence the developments relevant to their own native countries and societies.  

All losses are painful, and yet, we cope, manage and grow. It is our ability to maintain respect for the bereaved alongside the memory and love of those who no longer walk the earth with us, that allows us to go on with the work of living. Come join us as we share with each other important aspects of our work and experience.  




Dr. Simon Shimshon Rubin

Professor of Clinical Psychology

Conference Co-Chair and Director of the Center

Shalom and hello,


With the decision to organize the Third International Conference, I am privileged to serve once again as chairwoman of the scientific committee. This conference provides a unique opportunity to join together both national and international perspectives, and we are excited by the conferences potential.


The previous conferences, held in January of 2013 and 2016, were a professional success and the feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive. The mix of research and practice, of presentations by professionals in the field and those affected by loss, highlighted a universal truth about loss - that it is a human experience of critical importance. It deserves our best efforts to study its variations and impacts. My colleagues and I hope that this conference serve as a worthy successor to the previous one, and become a link in the chain of additional conferences in Israel in the years to come.


The three days of the conference, and the preconference workshop by Dr. John R. Jordan, provide a unique opportunity for furthering knowledge about loss, bereavement and human resilience in the face of tragedy. Professionals dealing directly and indirectly with these experiences have a wonderful opportunity to both learn and share their knowledge.


We encourage you to submit abstracts based on your experience and knowledge on the theoretical, practical, clinical, research, systems, and other aspects of these areas. The symposia, presentations, poster sessions and mini-workshops submitted to us will undergo review prior to being entered into the program for the conference. Presenters can submit abstracts and choose to present in either English or Hebrew. Both language tracks will run throughout the conference.  Details on submission of materials can be found in the section on how to submit abstracts.


I invite you to consider addressing topics such as:

  • Bereavement across the life cycle: Loss of grandparents, parents, spouses, siblings, children, grandchildren, close friends, comrades in arms, etc.

  • Complicated, Prolonged and Dysfunctional Responses to Bereavement

  • Intervention issues—when? For whom? What therapeutic interventions assist which difficulties’ following loss? What other intervention options assist as well?

  • Traumatic Losses:The impact of deaths due to accidents, medical negligence, murder, suicide, etc.

  • What are pathways of response to loss that assist Human Resilience?

  • Anticipatory Loss and Terminal Illnesses

  • The Wounded Healer

  • Who Helps the Helper: Therapist Self-care, Secondary Traumatization and Working with the Bereaved

  • Ethical, Religious, and Spiritual Aspects of the Response to Loss

  • Disenfranchised and Ambiguous Losses

  • Repeated Loss and Their Impact

  • Creativity and Loss


I look forward to receiving your materials and seeing you in Eilat in January 2019.



Dr. Ruth Malkinson

Director of Continuing Education at the International Center for the Study of Loss, Bereavement and Human Resilience at the University of Haifa

Chair of the Scientific Committee

Dear colleagues and friends,


We will be delighted to be your hosts at the Third International Conference on Loss, Bereavement and Human Resilience in Israel and the World to take place in January 2019, in Eilat, Israel.


We invite you to take a pause, far away from the madding day-by-day routine, for fascinating days of learning, personal and professional development. Here in Israel, we are pleased to be involved in the evolution of a national bereavement forum. This forum, incorporating academic and research bodies, as well as governmental and non - governmental organizations, share the mission of assisting and escorting families and individuals who have lost a loved one.


We are certain, that this significant field of bereavement and loss, bears upon and affects the lives of us all: researchers, therapists, accompanying persons and those who have experienced bereavement on a personal basis. At the conference we will have the opportunity to learn from some of the leading experts in the field both locally and internationally and share experiences. The conference will facilitate professional and interpersonal interactions that engender knowledge, personal experience, therapeutic insights and research developments.


We are looking forward to your arrival and are certain that the meeting will be productive for us all. 


Best regards, 

Dr. Eti Ablin 

Dr. Ronit Shalev

Co-Chairs of the Organizing Committee

Hello and welcome,


The current conference seeks to allow a professional and human encounter between professionals and patients, both from Israel and abroad. We hope that by holding two separate tracks, one in Hebrew and one in English, in addition to having joint assemblies and personal interactions, we can facilitate an emotionally moving and fascinating human encounter from which we can all learn. As part of this prospect, we have attempted to provide the best lecturers from Israel and the world, alongside up-to-date lectures from the field. We hope you find our program inspiring and enriching.


I am very proud that Elah was chosen to co-host the Third Conference on Loss, Bereavement and Human Resilience in Israeli Society and in the World. I hope you will find professional and personal interest in the rich and diverse program we have prepared for you. Elah is the earliest organization operating in Israel to provide psycho-social assistance to Holocaust survivors. We would like to point out that most of the programs which we operate are directly subordinate to the Ministry of Social Affairs and supervised by the national supervisor for bereavement and loss, Mr. Ilan Sharif.


A few words about myself; my name is Bennie Leezer and I serve, alongside Mrs. Yaela Cohen, as co-director of Elah. I entered the voluntary sector after having worked in the business sector; today, in addition to my role at Elah, I am also chairman of the audit committee of the Center of Organizations of Holocaust Survivors in Israel.


Respectfully, and looking forward to seeing you in Eilat,


Bennie Leezer (MBA)

Conference Co-Chair and Co-Director of Elah


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